Fluffier sourdough

A recent visitor to this site (from Redmond, WA) got here via a bing.com search for “fluffier sourdough.”


Until I find out otherwise, I will imagine the following:

“Goddamn it, Melinda.”

“Wut, Bill?”

“My sourdough’s not fluffy again.”

“At least the crust ain’t hard as a rock this time, Bill.”

“Grr. Also it ain’t baked all the way through.”

“Again. Well, why don’t you Bing it, darling? Look up fluffier sourdough or something.”

“I’ll do just that, dear.”

Something like that.

After all these years, I still look at my stats. Such a masochist.

3 responses to “Fluffier sourdough

  1. You left out the part where Bill and Melinda donate 40 million loaves of sourdough bread to all the starving people in Bangladesh, who, frankly, aren’t all that fussy about the texture.

  2. mig

    Thereby solving the problem of what to do with all that starter.

  3. At least they weren’t looking for sourdough fluffers…