6 responses to “Richard Anthony Delgaudio, child pornographer

  1. And people wonder why I am thinking about leaving.

  2. am

    This makes me so very sad. I don’t even know what to say about it without getting angry and ranting away. I mean, every child born before 1980-1985 has been embarassed by their parents “ooh look, here’s John’s little john! isn’t he cute! Here he is learning to go potty for the first time! Here he is running through the sprinkler”
    So innocent…we can’t even do that any more.
    Such a shame.

  3. Mig

    My father-in-law was taking pictures of his granddaughter, my daughter, at Lake Washington in Seattle about eight years ago or so, and the lifeguard came over and asked her if she knew that man, and turned an innocent little thing into something really creepy. And I had to be grateful that he was doing his job, because there are fucking creeps out there.

  4. my tummy feels all funny and sick now. fucking creeps.

  5. zizka

    Every family reunion we bring out “the bathtub pictures”. The youngest is 42 now.

    His daughters (7,8) love nothing more than taking off their clothes and rolling in mud. He’s got some great pictures. Fortunately I’m not posting using my real name.

  6. D

    Surely you’re not trying to say that a straight-laced morally-upstanding political man could be interested in anything other than truth, justice and the American way?!

    Oh wait… you said Republican.