There’s a park a couple blocks from where I work and when the weather’s nice like it is today I take walks there at lunchtime. It has a big collection of trees from all over the world, and they’re being sluttish right now in their displays. The magnolia and ume, cherry and pear, they make you blush, the way they wave their sexual organs at you. May is even worse, if you’ve got hay fever; how did I live without Claritin, walking around covered in pollen? Or should I say plant sperm?

On my way back I watched a crow wolfing down a mouse between two cars.

    In short pants, with an emergency brake on its watch.

6 responses to “Shameless

  1. I love it when crows wolf.
    It’s even better when wolves crow. in short pants.

  2. It’s not “hay fever”, it’s sexual assault! Get me a lawyer, that plant just violated my nose!

  3. as part of the love-in ( i’m now going to leave a little lovey turd dropping in your comments. cos’ i lurrrve you.

    Miguel, i love to visit you because you exude a kind of serenity amidst the chaos that i can identify with. i love the bgu and the stories about the kids, life in Austria, and i especially dig your take on life–the things you notice and write about here. quoting Martha, ‘it’s a good thing.’

  4. Mig

    Thanks, Bran.
    (The microfilm is in the pumpkin.)

  5. D

    Is that a secret code for some diabolical sex act? What is “the microfilm”? And just what on earth is “the pumpkin”… I could guess but I’d have to set fire to my brainstem afterwards

    Wasn’t that what Feral Living was all about? Serenity in the chaos?

  6. Mig

    “Set fire to your brainstem”? Is that what they’re calling it now?