Dear guys looking for actual nymphomania, sorry, wrong website.

I went to the dermatologist last night.

You’re not eating, right?

I went to the dermatologist for three things. My masseuse mentioned a…

I went to the dermatologist last night.

What’s this? I said.

What do you think it is? she asked.

I don’t know, that’s why I came to a dermatologist, I said.

What would you guess? she asked.

I would guess… (How do you say ringworm in German?) I would guess a fungus.

She shook her head. Lyme Disease, she said.

Gah, I said.

She prescribed antibiotics. We discussed another rash (on my face). She said the antibiotics might help that too. She said another thing was nothing to worry about.

I googled Lyme disease when I got home. When I told my doctor that I couldn’t remember getting bit by a tick, at least at that spot (later on I remembered a tick somewhere else) my doctor mentioned that tic nymphs are very small and hard to see and just bite you long enough to infect you and drop off.

I googled Lyme disease when I got home. Geeze. Spirochetes!!! Joint damage. Heart damage. Central nervous system. I have a fat prescription for antibiotics, but still.

Lyme disease, man.

Nymphs, man.

Nymphs, schmymphs.

7 responses to “Nymphomania

  1. As if getting bit by a hobo spider last summer weren’t bad enough…

  2. Mig. :( don’t die; that’s not very nice of you to do.

  3. Meredith

    Not to worry: one of my brothers-in-law had Lyme didease a few years ago and recovered quickly with the antibiotics, and without sequelae. The problems come when the diagnosis is missed initially; not everybody gets the (typical) bull’s-eye rash, nor any rash at all.

  4. I know two people with cases of Lyme Disease, one which turned out well and one which did not. Stay in the “Get Well” category at all costs.

  5. mig

    Thx. I hope this “one interesting insect bite per summer” thing doesn’t turn into a habit. Coming next summer: West Nile Disease.
    Also, I’m not sure how long this Lyme disease thing has been going on. The rash is the size of a welcome mat, which is larger than the pictures on Wikipedia. Have begun antibiotics and keeping fingers crossed. I’m sure it will turn out fine.

  6. k.

    you will do well because they caught it quick. my brother was lucky enough to have the rash, too. the antibiotics fixed him up with no bad future. my husband was not as lucky and the thing wasn’t figured out till it had done damage. still going on.

    you will do well.

  7. mig

    thanks, k.
    boy, this is really going around.
    not sure how long i’d had it. i had the rash for a month or so, just thought it was a bruise for the first month until it stopped fading and started spreading.
    i thought i could vaguely remember removing a tick once a couple months ago. today it dawned on me that, yes, i did remove a tick – from the cat.