Hungry for fried chicken

I was so hungry for fried chicken today it was as if I had been hungry for fried chicken all my life. Born hungry for fried chicken. And I even found myself at a KFC, at lunchtime, but still had a problem: get the regular smallish-seeming lunch, or the bucket for two people? Because they had nothing in between.

So I got the bucket for two people, and ate the whole damned thing, and now I hate fried chicken, and the Colonel looks like he got a bad face lift, and I can feel a migraine coming on.

I hate fried chicken.

One response to “Hungry for fried chicken

  1. This exact same phenomenon happens to me about twice a year. I get an almost insatiable desire for fried chicken and make the ill-advised choice to go to KFC instead of making my own damn fried chicken at home. I think we just need to be reminded why KFC is so terrible on some sort of semi-regular biological basis.

    Now *I* want fried chicken. Curse you.