I promise, nothing political today.

Instead, I give you this, in case you didn’t see it over in my column of tweets. The only thing missing is an M-80 at the end.

Or the latest new face of the GOP.

6 responses to “Intriguing

  1. mig

    Week-old bagels: 3.5 kg.
    Mazda windshield (1)
    World economy (slightly shrunken)

  2. I think you’ve just discovered the next “Will It Blend?”

  3. mig

    I like how most of the objects are similarly-shaped.

  4. Honestly, I am scared at the thought of crapping out three and a half pounds of multi-colored tennis balls.

  5. mig

    this could be the new i can has cheezburger.

  6. anne

    So that’s how they flushed X19.