Happy 2009

Fireworks are yapping away outside, impatient boys. In a couple hours I’ll climb the hill by my inlaws’ house and shoot off a few. Fireworks, I mean. May 2009 be a good year for all of us, with lots of peace and love and sex, and good health and jobs, and stronger unions, both labor and civil, and a serious leftward swing of the political pendulum, and funny jokes, and solar-powered flying cars, and grocery rockets.

What does 2009 look like for you? What do you wish for? What are your resolutions?

7 responses to “Happy 2009

  1. Yeah, Peace love and sex but above all funnier jokes, that’d mke my year, Ruth’s started off very funny in a wordless kind of way, may have to change the diet, she thinks it’s just some kind of indoor firework… gotta go, a cat’s come home and needs love… happy new year Mig,


  2. Happy New Year, mig!

  3. Health would be fine for a start.

    Happy new year to you and your ladies!

  4. susan b.

    The ability to read about the 19th, or even 17th, century without it sounding exactly like today would be great in the new year. And as always, more parents informing their kids about the actual physical world we are on (and how we came to know as much as we do about it).
    Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar, Mig!

  5. cj

    I Wish for: A Powerball jackpot… next drawing’s tonight… $90 million which is $56.7 million in take home money… which I’d change to some stable currency… like Mexican pesos. Then I’d go and buy whatever else I wish for. Things I couldn’t buy but wish for include: Tact, grace, skill, and subtlety. (World peace and such is up to the world, all I can do is work on myself.)
    Continue to do no harm, no matter how much someone asks for it.
    Maybe anonymously find another stray dog a home.
    Get a job.
    Start referring to myself as a pathologist without snickering.
    End the celibacy.

    Not necessarily in that order.

  6. cj

    Oh – Happy New Year, Mig! Although I look forward to reading your blog regularly, I hate it when I see another crossed out number over there on the right of the page… Makes me feel all wrinkled. All my best to you and yours.

  7. Jann

    Good health. Health and productivity, an end to procrastination; health and productivity for everyone. Yes, and peace of mind; happiness is not sustainable, but lets all have some good times!