Foreign policy primer

Stop me if you’ve seen this.

18 responses to “Foreign policy primer

  1. KEH

    Bug! I thought I’d lost you! You didn’t show up
    on my radar for days….Now I’m gonna buy a
    coffee mug. Or something.

  2. Glad to see you back!

  3. miguel

    I’m not completely back, I still can’t post to the site. Working on it. Feral Living was moved to a new host, and somehow broke in the process.

  4. miguel

    And now there are giant centipedes on everything!

  5. mig

    amazing how many people will visit a broken website every day.

    in other news, reading today was nice, because it reminded me that there are plenty of intelligent, thinking people in the united states, or something along those lines.

  6. LIA

    Hey, nice centipedes! I plagiarized a little something during my message board surfing earlier today, thought I’d share it with you. It’s all about spotting terrorists as Americans have to be vigilant and all. I even like the Swiss/Sweden mistake, heh heh heh.

    Let me ask you one question my friends, when you go to get fast food, are you calm? Well? Have you ever considered the danger that the suspicious looking cook in back with the dark, sinister complextion might throw a sizzling piece of cheese on you’re face? Hmm? Cause he could just fling it off the grill with a spatula and directly into your face! He could be A TERRORIST! The cheese would probably stick to you like napalm! You’re face would be scarred for life, or longer! WATCH OUT! Never order American Cheese on your burger cause it’s just like how whenever the terrorists hijack an airplane, it’s 100% always an American Airlines jet. IT’S BECAUSE THEY HATE FREEDOM! So order cheddar and be safe. Or better yet order Swiss Cheese, because they are neutral in Sweden.

  7. miguel

    isn’t that known as “freedom cheese” in france?

  8. Mig! I’m so happy. I thought we’d lost you.

    Re: “Freedom cheese” in France — you’re assuming they identify the American product as “cheese.” Somehow I doubt it.

  9. bob the corgi

    how did you get back in to your site? i can’t access mine – i’m still at d.’s place.

  10. mig

    my login is working, i just can’t get posts to show up.

  11. It’s crossed my mind that this isn’t a centipede problem but a fiendish plot cooked up by D. to make his site become the absolute center of the blogging universe. You can already feel the slight tilt in that direction.

  12. Hi Mig, Glad you are back, maybe a can of raid will take care of the centipedes. Hope things are fixed soon..missed ya!

  13. Category centipedes, yipes!
    That sounds almost as bad as space crickets.
    Baking bread sounds like a really good way to procrastinate over that Good vs. Apathy showdown I need to write, still. Think I’ll get right on that.

  14. Um, just in case: space crickets.

  15. Dude.
    You didn’t wear green?

  16. mig

    i didn’t wear green. in my defense, it’s not intensively celebrated here, except in the irish pubs, and if i did that, there would be the driving home problem, so i generally do without. i wasn’t even in the mood to drink a guinness at home, or listen to the pogues, or anything. i did sing “kilkelly, ireland” in the car on my way home, though. but i do that on a regular basis.

  17. Did you know that Kilkenny County memorabilia includes, on a broad scale, Kenny from South Park trinkets?

    Well. It does.