Sliding out of the year

I took a few vacation days which, added to holidays, give me a nice little mini-vacation at home with the family. I get up just to fix new drinks or put wood on the fire or eat something, pluck a chocolate ornament from the tree, say. Although Alpha did force me to go running with her this afternoon. On ice, it turned out. So, running, eh, pretty exciting. also, busy reading “From Hell”. I have no energy to post here, not often. Most online time is spent conquering the world. Although the .nl domains are fairly kicking my ass right now. Them and the .be. Go click down and click on the map a couple times, unless you like mayonaise on your fries.

6 responses to “Sliding out of the year

  1. Ooh, is that the Alan Moore/Eddie Campbell From Hell? What do you think? I got it for my boyfriend a while back, and he was decidedly “eh” about it. I thought it was interesting, though, and had started reading it, but then he moved and it got packed away somewhere… so I didn’t get past the bizarre historical tour of London part.

  2. miguel

    i just finished it last night. i read it too fast, unfortunately, although D had warned me not to, so it overwhelmed my brain. watching the Two Towers in the middle of it didn’t help either. i would recommend it for fans of sex and violence and masonic/victorian conspiracies.

  3. What does the new year look like over there? Should we be frightened enough to run west? I hope that you have a Happy New Year, and that book sounds interesting. Go figure.

  4. Mayonaise is SUPPOSED to go on fries. We can’t help it that the rest of the world is so stoopid….