I’m just saying

I missed the first wave of postings dismayed at the recent tragic loss of Joe Strummer, and would like to make up for that by pointing out to whatever powers are in charge of selecting which rock stars die next that the following are, to the best of my knowledge, still available:

  • Leo Sayer

  • Barry Manilow
  • Mick Jagger
  • Keith Richards [maybe]
  • The guy from Nickelback

Who did I forget?

6 responses to “I’m just saying

  1. All of Aerosmith.. it’s a wonder what plastic surgery can do!

  2. miguel

    What about those guys from Journey, they still alive?

  3. Actually, it may not be widely known that Neal Schon, the guitarist for Journey has since made some very cool instrumental guitar jazz-fusion releases. ‘Beyond The Thunder’ is an excellent CD.

  4. miguel

    OK, not Neal Schon. But not Shane MacGowan either, is all I’m saying.

  5. Keith Richard laughs at your death threat.

  6. ann

    Hey! You leave the guy from Nickelback alone you big meanie!

    The rest of the pack they can have, and I’ll even throw the two Gallagher brothers in to replace him, if I can have him delivered, gift-wrapped to my door ;).