I got tired of those grey boxes on the right and replaced them with the world’s smallest screenshots. If you’re not listed there and want to be added, please mail me a screenshot, 40×22 or 23 pixels, gif.

Also, a question: on my browser right now, those pictures all have a 1px blue border. I’d like to change that to 1px black. What do I need to add to my style sheet to accomplish that?


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  1. I know that browsers deal with image borders differently. I believe that in Netscape, you can change the image border color by applying a link style sheet to it using a different color. But in IE this doesn’t work; the borders are always blue or purple. At least I think so. Clear as mud? Me too.

  2. mig

    well, i wanted borders on there because some of the lighter-colored images sort of blend in with the background otherwise… i’ll just go with blue in that case, until i eventually revert to text or something else in the next redesign…

  3. in IE5 for Mac your borders are red.

  4. You can do one of two things.

    First, you can create a stylesheet item called .images (or something) then set it up with whatever attributes you want (like border-style: solid; border-color:#000000; border-width:1px). Then, in your img tag for each one, you can add class=”images” to whichever images you want to have that style.

    Or, you can do an inline style for each image. In the img tag for each image, add style=”border-style:solid; border-color:#000000; border-width:1px” which will give each one a 1px border.


  5. By the way, I think the world’s smallest screenshots are kind of cool looking.

  6. miguel

    Thank you, Mary. I tried the second method, (to avoid messing with my style sheet, which is screwed up enough already) and it seems to work, except for images of sites of people using IE on a Mac, which still have red borders for some reason. I’ve moved your tiny screenshot to the top of the column out of gratitude.

  7. So you’ve actually degraded me to third place because I didn’t suggest the perfect solution. Whoa man, that hurts ;)

  8. I bow to Mary, as I have been looking for a solution to this problem for ages. But I’ll still bow to Joeri just for the hell of it if he asks nicely.

  9. No need to bow, Michele, i’m 190 centimeters tall :)

  10. miguel

    get a room you two.

  11. Is your shop still floodfree? :)

  12. Wow. I knew learning all this html would pay off one day.