The end of Zona Nuda

After receiving a cease and desist letter from attorneys representing Playboy magazine, attorneys retained by Feral Living have advised us not to proceed with the Zona Nuda Naked Blogger Project.

However, on the slight chance that we will someday go ahead with the project after all, or find a compromise solution, feel free to keep those non-pornographic nude pictures coming!

4 responses to “The end of Zona Nuda

  1. Nice coffee stains. Where’d that come from- hmm?

  2. Uh.

    I have to ask, because I might be missing something. Zona Nuda isn’t at all derivative, is it? I thought it came out of other blogger photo projects.

  3. ombra

    Um, how could you reply by July 1 when the letter is dated July 3?

  4. mig

    typical lawyer trick.