Mean streak a mile wide

We went for a walk. The kids were at their grandparents’ and we went for a walk through the fields surrounding the village. The sun was setting behind the coal-fired power plant, it was beautiful.

Alpha stopped me. “Ssh.” A bunny.

A little bunny by the side of the path hadn’t noticed us yet. This had happened the week before, too. Long eared skinny little guy noticed us at the last moment, ran off into the corn field.

But this one was different. He stuck around even after he noticed us. He looked different too.

“That’s no wild rabbit,” Alpha said.
“You’re right.” He was a fat, short-eared little domestic rabbit, running loose.
“Someone must’ve set him out,” she said.
I walked closer. I wanted to see how close I could get. I got within a yard of him. “Maybe we could take him home to play with the cats?” He looks as though he’d let me pick him up.
“Maybe he has rabies,” she said.
“Rabies – you know how they act weirdly friendly with rabies.”
“Rabies.” Rabies. I take a sloow step backwards.
“Or maybe they just let him loose because he was a biter. I just read about a rabbit biting someone.”
“Biting.” I take another step backwards. I stand up straight and return to my wife.
“Cute little guy, though.”

2 responses to “Mean streak a mile wide

  1. pat


    say it like homer:

  2. I told you about my cousin’s biting rabbit, who moved onto my mom’s bf’s farm? He’s taken to attacking the geese.

    The geese.
    Those f*ckers can kickk *my* ass, and this bunny is instigating battles.