John is dead…


So much for solemn pledges not to write about dead rock stars. They’ve been dropping like flies lately. Except for the Rolling Stones – that’s almost creepy.

But John Entwhistle. I’m really sorry. I used to want to be John. I was a big Who fan. The bass was my favorite instrument, the one I aspired to play. And John epitomized the bass player for me, and I wanted to be him. Not the mod Entwhistle in the picture at the top, the taciturn beardy one below. I came close. I grew the same beard, had the same hair. I just never learned to play the bass for shit. I mean, I was passably okay on my Fender Precision there for a while, and then Punk started and anyone could play in a band but my amplifier started giving me electrical shocks every time I turned it on and I gradually lost interest.

Still. Shit, John is dead.


One response to “John is dead…

  1. that was perfect. thanks.