Bug V


9 responses to “Bug V

  1. I think you need to syndicate The Bug.

  2. I agree. I’m not even a dad and I want one… cafepress.com!!!

  3. The Bug

    Damn right. Cause I am the shit!

  4. I want that as a t-shirt. You should set up a cafepress account!

  5. miguel

    before i set up the cafepress acct, a question: which would you be more likely to order, a t-shirt with the bug (and if so, just the bug or an episode and if the latter which one) or a t-shirt with a picture submitted to the naked blogger project?

  6. Well, I want a t-shirt I can wear, not one I’m going to hide under my bed and just take out on lonely, lonely nights.

    Just the Bug would be cool. This episode is classic. I still have these conversations with my aparents, and that withering look in the third panel…damn. It wouldn’t make any sense for me to wear, though, till I have a 12 year old daughter. I don’t want to have put it into a closet for 20 years.

  7. You don’t look like you anymore ;-)

  8. This would be the episode for a t-shirt. And I think it’s gotta be the whole thing, else the joy of it is a bit lost. And i’d wear one even though I’m not a parent. Maybe it’s a raising hell t?

  9. Well hell, mig, it’s not like you can’t have both. Then you can cash in on both the parents and the perverts.
    Mind you, with this lot they seem to be the same people in most cases.

    I have no kids and I will wear this as a t-shirt in memory of my own torured adolescence, hurrah!