License plate says stunner #1 superstar

There are worse things in life than cruising…
[excuse me someone just brought me chocolate cake]
Now, where was I? There are worse things in life than cruising down the freeway on a sunny day in a big honking black Mercedes with diplomatic plates with Pink on the radio turned up loud. And then when you get back to the office, someone gives you cake.
Yes, sir.

Meanwhile, there are new shoes at the Shoe Project (send me yours if you haven’t already) and go enter the Mother’s Day contest at Raising Hell, already!

Also, I see Feral Living is #12 for “my filling fell out of my tooth” in this search. Googlebombing not necessary! Save it for something important!

One response to “License plate says stunner #1 superstar

  1. sue

    I did a google search on my name and one of my web sites turned up 15th. (it’s the link on this comment.)