If you just came here from Moveable Type…

… then this may seem rather incoherent and confusing, but that’s okay. Dive into the archives, it’ll all make sense. Are you 100% Miguel? Take the test at the right! What’s your chaos coefficient? Use the chaos calculator and find out. Then visit all those sites I link to and make me popular, you won’t regret it – they all suck less than Feral Living does. And don’t forget to leave a comment!

8 responses to “If you just came here from Moveable Type…

  1. CLM

    Weirdly, I *did* just come from movable type – but I did so by typing a URL, not by following a link. What are the odds?

  2. Mig

    1:179 according to my counter at this very moment.

    Joeri, Moveable Type was on American television yesterday. Feral Living is listed on their site in their list of Bloggie nominees using MT, so it increased traffic today. this always happens when i have nothing interesting to blog, all these people come and say, “eh, what’s supposed to be so great about this guy.” when they leave i’ll be funny again.

  3. you were funny before?

  4. kd

    MT was on TV? i should watch more often. or not, really. MT rocks.

  5. pat

    weird. do you know what show it was on? must have been techtv or something.

    (this is the part where i’m sposta say something witty. but i can’t think of anything. *uck.)

  6. Mig

    yeah, i think it was techtv. they even showed a screenshot of ann’s (ae:words) site (see link in right column). wow.

  7. Tech Tv owns your ass.

    Just for the record, I own Baz’s ass.