Johnson Acquitted!

johnsonw.jpg 1868-05-04
As the Chicago Post writes, “The effect of his impeachment and disposal, if secured by partisan effort, would be a graver calamity than any that he can inflict. No man can calculate the consequences of such a blow at the permanence of our institutions.” Blockheads and dunces, corrupt traitors themselves. Like him or not, Johnson was working for Civil Rights. Republicans, feh! Turning on their own man like that. And the Democrats, some of them no better. Eleven trumped-up impeachment charges, most obviously trumped-up I add and without a grain of merit, and the President is acquitted by a Single Vote! What is the World coming to? Now, that said, and my joy at his Acquittal tempered by the close vote – may this great Country never again be subjected to such a divisive and scandalous affair, I must remark here – in case anyone is actually reading my Ejaculations of Wit and Wisdom – that this Activity, hacking away at the Typewriting-Machine-Attachment of my Charles Babbage Difference Engine – is gradually losing its warm Glow, as it were, and I may be going on a Haitus of several weeks. Until then.

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