Fix, Oida

Please to help prioritize symptoms in order of worseness from bad to good:

  • iBook screen is not just going to sleep, it is narcoleptic

  • iBook turns on, but hangs while booting up, and displays only blinking file icon
  • iBook is refusing to shut off
  • iBook is shutting off, but refusing to turn on again
  • iBook is finally turning on, but screen only flickrs and then remains black
  • iBook does nothing but make crazy fan noise
  • iBook does crazy fan noise, plus mechanical grinding noise

3 responses to “Fix, Oida

  1. Sorry, I don’t do Macintosh tech support.

    The only i-Anything I have is an iPod.

    By the by, have you seen the Mad TV sketch about the i-Rack? Highly amusing bit of political commentary thinly disguised as humor. See it here:

  2. Yikes- this sounds like it’s time to boot up from the install CD and use the disk utility to repair permissions and scan for hardware issues. Has it been dropped recently? Maybe the RAM has been damaged.. Otherwise, try reinstalling the OS (choose the option that archives the previous installation, that will preserve any preferences and applications you have installed). Beyond that, it could be a failed hard drive, although that’s pretty rare.. As a last resort, there’s probably an Apple Store near you with a helpful tech. If I think of anything else I’ll fire an email.

  3. mw

    Try changing the dark red nail polish on the E, W & D keys to something a bit more frivolous.

    Maybe a bright pink