Hive mind

[Players looking for clues to The Lost Ring]
Saw on boingboing that Jane McGonigal has a new ARG going. The concept of the hive mind is fascinating, and Ms. McGonigal has some interesting things (pdf) to say about it.
This new game, The Lost Ring, sounds fun, I love the idea of the multi-lingual, world-wide stuff, as you know, but I don’t think I’ll be delving too deeply in this particular one. First of all, I’m too busy with other stuff right now, and second, McDonalds is involved. Third, although I grok the peaceful, uniting goals of the Olympic games, I hope they turn out to be an embarassment for China, and wonder how McGonigal can sleep at night, and how she justifies her involvement with that particular business partner, even indirectly, given what is presently going on in Tibet, and whether she’ll have anything to say about that at some point.

[Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao says lost ring stolen, hidden in Tibet]

One response to “Hive mind

  1. Nat

    I totally agree. I learned about I Love Bees when it was too late to join, and had been hoping to participate in the next big game. However, I can’t and won’t knowingly support anybody who supports China and their Olympics until Tibet is free.

    It’s all just too bad.