Hearing things

My family is away on vacation this week. I’ll join them in a few days. Just me and the cats and the turtle tortoise right now.

My wife and my youngest daughter have had the feeling that Mr. Evil (Lio) is haunting us. I suppose it’s because it’s been hard for us to let go of him. We were more attached to him than we thought. Than I thought, anyway.

They’ve heard him making the funny meow he made, or moving his dish around downstairs like he used to do.

Last night, alone in bed in the empty house, I heard it. The dish.

Maybe it was the tortoise. Maybe we have mice.

Still, I yelled for Lio to come upstairs where I could see him. He didn’t come, though.

He never did come when you called. So it could have been him.

Left to my own devices, I’d be crazy as a shithouse rat inside of a week.

4 responses to “Hearing things

  1. What- no cigar smoking, whisk3y drinking, advlt m0vie watching, p0k3r playing bachelor nights?

    Surely you’re wandering around the house in your boxers with a 3-day beard and a Heineken at 10:00 in the morning or something..

  2. mig

    Damn close: coloring Easter eggs.

  3. Meagan

    Oh, don’t remind me about the Easter egg thing… that’s one of those “holidays” that my son likes way better than I do. It always rains on Easter. (Of course, I live in Oregon, where it always rains, period.)

    I’ve had similar experiences to your “ghost cat” phenomenon, though. One night a week my son spends the night at his dad’s (my son and I live by ourselves) so when he’s gone and it’s just me in the house at night, I always think I hear him moving around in his bedroom… it’s creepy.

  4. D

    I have the house to myself for this Easter weekend and I have decided that there will be a cuban cigar and a 10 year old Glenfiddich and then I might sit down and attempt to write something whilst drunk, think of it as a Hemmingway moment.