Little-known facts about Julian Merrow-Smith


  • Julian is a good, honest, hard-working painter who lives in the south of France.

  • I own several of his paintings. I just bought another one.
  • Julian has long painted awesome still lifes, portraits and landscapes, but they recently got even more awesome somehow. I’m one of those “I don’t know what I like, but this is really awesome” people, but I’m not the only one who has noticed this.
  • The picture shown here is not the one I bought, but it is one of the awesome new still lifes.
  • Julian once gave me the shirt off his back.1
  • You can bid on his paintings here (same link as the lemon picture above, a new one every day.


1Strictly speaking, it was not off his back, it was a tee-shirt from his drawer; he gave it to me when we were visiting and I was holding my wine glass stupidly and Beta turned around and bumped me and it went all over the shirt I was wearing, a grey short-sleeved job I had worn because I was not sure how formal the dinner we were having was going to be (turned out to be very informal). I still have Julian’s shirt, in fact. Art collecters please note: bids on the shirt can be sent to

2 responses to “Little-known facts about Julian Merrow-Smith

  1. julian merrow-smith

    okay, how much to get my shirt back?

  2. mig

    It’s practically in the mail. Just let me get rid of a few of my old t-shirts first.