I don’t know if this is a good idea or not. I am writing a work of fiction about pain and would like to ask you, in the comments or in email if it’s too much of a downer, for stories about any extreme experiences you may have had with pain, physical or other. Please note: I may publish this work of fiction someday, and by commenting or emailing me your story you would be tacitly giving me permission to use your story, as inspiration, background information or even (in some altered form) within the story somehow.

That didn’t sound very legal, did it?

Thanks in advance.

6 responses to “Pain

  1. D

    Got a few piercing stories and suchlike to share with you. Will do so in chat/email though to avoid anyone fainting.

  2. Bauke

    I’m supposed to be flat on my back right now. But i got bored.
    Last night I strained something in my back.
    Getting up hurts. Sitting hurts, standing hurts. Lying down hurts too.

    Taking off my t-shirt last night nearly made me faint in pain.

  3. zeynep

    Hi Mig,

    I never knew that emotions could cause so much physical pain until some years ago!!!
    But after seeing very close friends go through real physical pain caused by cancer I don’t feel I have the right to talk about pain – all I can say is that people have an immense capacity to withstand it. Much more beyond their imagination but in doing so, they slowly loose their soul.

  4. k.

    i’ve been sort of dwelling on this since i read it yesterday; it’s a really interesting idea. i’d have to think and think about a way to boil my personal experience with emotional pain down to something clear and non-whiner before i shared it, but it’s made me a different person. i assume it does it to everyone, much like the “refiner’s fire.”

  5. You know, the pain of my severed tfcc [wrist cartilage that holds the wee bones in line w/big bones] and tearing several ligaments was one thing, but the loss of doorknob-turning, silverware-holding, lipstick-weilding, etc. abilities, without actual attention from the now-doomed-first-two-hand-surgeons, was really really scary.
    It’s the not-knowing that kills you. Plus the annoyance where you expect sympathy and/or assistance. Stephen King style horrific, I tell you what.

  6. a.c.e.d.

    I’m a divorce kid, but nothing rattled my cage until I was five so I’m quite harmonic. Subsequent matters had me seek family elsewhere, excommunicate relatives, write judges, loose and gain 50% of my body weight and put thousands of airmiles behind me and past lives; but it was not until my best friend broke up with me that I felt heartache. It was sudden, much like a physical stab, and gone just as quickly. I have never been so sad in my life. We never spoke again.

    But it’s the absence of pain that gets to you.