Market research

I was griping to a friend and she suggested I post the following:

“Dear Metamorphosists,

Two questions I can only entrust to beings as understanding and intellectual as yourselves:

1. If I were to publish a collection of BGU comics, would you buy it?
2. If you were to have a t-shirt with a single bug panel (or a whole comic) on it, which panel/comic would it be?

Your reasons are as interesting as your answers.


p.s. I am doing this cause Tuckova made me.”

10 responses to “Market research

  1. Bauke

    Probably wouldn’t buy a book of Bgu strips. But that’s mainly because I almost never buy stuff online, besides t-shirts.

    As for a good T-shirt:
    Third panel of this one:
    Stands on its own. Although the 4th panel makes it better.

  2. That’s what I’m talking about! Take it to the people! Democracy in action etc. You know I’d buy a book, and probably a few t-shirts. Christmas is coming & my friends deserve to be as well attired as I am! the first panel first one here it would have to be the whole one, I think. third panel third one here is good too.

  3. I’m already the proud owner of a BGU T-Shirt, so I might be inclined to buy the collection.

  4. I’d love to buy a b ug book- but I’m a poor, unemployed artist type… I might spring for a t-shirt, though!

  5. flerdle

    1. Yes.
    2. um… hard to say. All of Bauke and anne’s suggestions are good. There are heaps with great expressions that could stand alone, with or without new (or old) words.

    That’s all rather vague, isn’t it?

  6. I have have my Bug button you sent me a few years ago and wear it on my jacket all the time. People are constantly asking me about it.

    I would absolutely buy a book AND a t-shirt, but I don’t have a particular panel to suggest. In general, I prefer the ones with The Bug and Child in the car.

  7. Jann

    I would buy the book, mig. The T-shirt too if it were nice and soft 100% cotton; I like Brian’s suggestion about the ones with the Bug and Child in the car.

  8. D

    I would probably not buy a book, unless there was lots of exclusive content.

  9. I wouldn’t buy a book because I don’t read offline stuff. Would wear a girl’s shirt though.

  10. zeynep

    Yes, yes a book would be lovely as I keep talking about the bgu cartoons. I would buy a bgu book and a tshirt (I may prefer a mug and a mouse pad though as I don’t wear a lot of t-shirts)! I love bgu and child in the car … And sometimes the one liners from bgu.
    Maybe a friend can sell those in the US for you as well??? It is sometimes hard to get things shipped across the ocean.