We’ve all had relationships like this

The tortoise was lonesome, staring at its reflection for hours at a time, so Gamma gave her a rock for company.

Despite certain indications to the contrary, we persist in calling the tortoise “her”, I guess because “tortoise” is a feminine noun in German.

9 responses to “We’ve all had relationships like this

  1. This makes a pretty picture, with the flowers in the background. As I used to raise turtles, I do know something about their “relationships,” (although I suppose tortoises are somewhat different), but that’s a comment for another time.

  2. mig

    Do you know anything about how to sex them? I checked a resource online with the result that I had identified ours as a female.

  3. Unfortunately, I do not. I did witness some of their courting rituals though. Interesting.

  4. D

    And what will you do if she grounds herself on top of that rock, spinning her little legs in frustration?

  5. mig

    i would post a video of it

  6. k.

    you know, i’ve looked at this picture on and off a few times over the last few days, but i just now read the title of the entry.

    i laughed my ass off.

  7. cj

    I’m currently in a similar relationship.

  8. We had two male tortoises when I was a kid. Every spring they tried to mate. And if I remember correctly they only made sound (a kind of shrieking) when trying to fornic8 :)

  9. mig

    don’t we all?

    yes, there is the shrieking. sort of a wheezing. it sounds like it’s choking or something.