You went to Bombay?

Where was I? Flat on my back on the wicker sofa with my feet up over the arm (of the sofa). I had just arrived home from work so I was tired, and explaining this to Gamma and how, no, I don’t feel like playing cards right this second, give me a minute.
Alpha was picking Beta up at the music school, so when the phone rang Gamma, after going, “Hello? Hello?” for a minute, brought it to me.
It was a neighbor lady.
Yes, hi, she said, I guess my daughter was afraid to talk to Gamma. We wanted to invite Gamma to a birthday party this Wednesday, well, not really a party, because only one other girl can come, so I guess to a get-together in our back yard.
Every childhood has one, doesn’t it? A little boy or girl to whose birthday parties no one wants to go, so your parents urge you to?
Hrm, I said. Might be okay. I’ll have to check the calendar first to make sure. We just got back from Pompeii, so I’m not really up to speed on the schedule for this week.
Where’d you go?! she said. What?!
Er, we went to Pompeii, I said.
Bombay?! You went to Bombay?! She was talking like a hard-of-hearing person.
Bombay, Pompeii – in (Austrian, at least) German they’re homonyms.
We went for the weekend, I said, just to increase the confusion for a second before clearing her up. Here I am, having a who’s-on-first conversation and sad at the same time. Southern Italy, I said. By Naples, big volcano?
Our front door opened, Alpha and Beta were home.
Hang on a second, I said. I’ll give you Alpha.
Alpha explained that Gamma was busy that day. She suggested the party be rescheduled.

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