This post sponsored by the International Apian Association

Alpha and I spent last weekend at a spa, I believe to celebrate the recent anniversary of our marriage. I described the trip to my mom. They had various saunas and steam baths there, hot ones and less hot ones, and a jacuzzi, everything the heart desires. Great food, too, and service, and nice rooms. My mom said it sounded like a movie star life, and I hadn’t even mentioned that a young fellow put honey on Alpha’s bottom.

Alpha enjoyed it, she said. Apparently it had something to do with a massage.

I also had a couple massages. Here’s some useful information: if you ever get so relaxed during a massage that you pass gas, just pretend you were sound asleep and give them a nice tip, and all is forgiven.

We also went for a walk while we were there, and for a bike ride. We didn’t just sit around and eat and drink and relax, we earned it, baby. However, being Austria, the bike ride took us past a hill covered with wine cellars and one happened to be open and we stopped to ask directions or something and got stuck there for several hours, sitting at a picnic table out front, tasting the wines.

Somehow we made it back to the spa.

This weekend (right now, in fact: in 15 minutes I rush to the train station) we are apparently going to Pompeii with some other people, we being Alpha, Gamma and I. Beta has to stay home and water plants and feed pets. Plus, she was there last year.

We’re going by train. I’ll use the opportunity to do research for a project I’m working on, as it involves fire.

Have a nice weekend.

3 responses to “This post sponsored by the International Apian Association

  1. Pictures. We want pictures…

    Eva and I go to a spa in Mexico next week, so the massage tip might prove handy- last time a WMD was dropped on the tiny town of Casitastan, the entire population was evacuated and left the vicinity uninhabitable for several hours.

  2. It seems to me that you might want to buy some honey.

  3. Funny you should mention the IAA. I was just thinking of the bee dance yesterday.