This morning, at breakfast

…Alpha and Gamma were reading the newspaper.

    Alpha: Oh, I can’t go running today. There’s an 3xhib1ti0nist fL4shing women and m4sturb4t1ng by the creek.
    Gamma: That the police sketch?
    Alpha: Yep. 1.75 tall, heavy build. Between 43 and 48 years old.
    Gamma: Can’t be dad, dad’s taller.
    Gamma: And not as fat.
    Alpha: And he doesn’t have a moustache.
    Gamma: Right.

4 responses to “This morning, at breakfast

  1. Nice of them to go there immediately. What’ve you ever done to them? (On second thought, perhaps you ought not answer that.)

  2. Jann

    I suppose when one thing is right, in this case the age, one needs to eliminate the others…

  3. Insomnia. So I’m catching up.

    Speaking of weirdos on the loose. I thought I read in “Heute” that a phantom stabber is on the loose — latest victim in Heilegenstadt. WTF?