Sheep number three

It’s all here: this is the last blog post you’ll ever want to read. Maybe even the last one I’ll ever need to write.

It is the story of the ancient Buddhist teacher Bakayaro Chimpo and his students who set three sheep, numbered 1, 2 and 4, loose in his temple. Sensei Bakayaro went mad looking for sheep number three.

Actually, it was a high school graduation prank in Germany, and teachers who went mad looking for sheep number three, but we of course all understand it.

Ever since Beta told me about the prank, I’ve had to ask myself, when seeking something, does this something even exist, or is it sheep number three?

That is it, man. Ten thousand years of human wisdom distilled down into a prank.

5 responses to “Sheep number three

  1. Don’t go looking for a donkey while riding on a donkey.

  2. cj

    My dog has autopsy breath.

  3. But what’s the sound of sheep number three clapping alone in the forest?

  4. mig

    cj: never leave your dog unattended at work.

  5. anne

    Yes, but did you hear the one about the Buddhists and the ants?

    I think those Buddhists are an insufficiently tapped source. I think you could be around for another several years at least.