Having for a good part of my life alternated between periods of low self-esteem and irritating grandiosity, I only recently realized that it’s possible to have both simultaneously.

In other news, whoever is responsible for that sort of thing announced recently that slug density hereabouts had reached a high of 75 m2 (according to what a doctor friend told us when we picked Gamma up from a birthday party yesterday). Alpha and I took a walk along a creek down to the Danube yesterday and I can only say they were right.

That could be a real racket, couldn’t it. Slug counter.

3 responses to “Breakthrough

  1. part of a new lesson on “character education/ values” includes words like “integrity” “honesty” “courage” and… “pride”.

    my attempts to point out that maybe one of the cardinal sins oughtn’t be exaulted as a desired value fell on deaf ears. we are all about the “feeling good about yourself” now.

    my point being: drop the low self esteem and go ahead with the irritating grandiosity. in a few years you’ll be a model to which we can all aspire. even more so, i mean.

  2. Some time ago, while visiting friends with a realllly big kitchen garden, we had the opportunity to pick slugs for a while. What started as ugh-I-can’t-believe-you’re-asking-me-to-do-this ended by being a highly gratifying experience. ‘What? No more slugs? You sure?’

  3. mig

    when we pick slugs, usually just the ones from the tortoise lair, we don’t have the heart to kill them, so we just dump them in the garbage can reserved for biodegradeable trash, with the result that whenever you go to throw away compostable garbage, all these slugs rush out to meet you, and the lid is heavy with them.