You have to read this book I’m reading

Me: You guys have to read this book I’m reading, it’s really interesting.
Alpha: Pfff. Hah. Snicker.
Beta: Bwahahaha. Snicker.
Me: I say that about every book I read, don’t I.
Me: But anyway. Seriously, this one is really good.
Alpha: Yeah…
Beta: … yeah. Snort.

2 responses to “You have to read this book I’m reading

  1. Well, what book is it?

  2. I had the precursor to that book, picked it up for a quarter at a library sale back in 1983. I never finished it – after the first chapter and a half I heeded my adolescent Call to Adventure, I think Campbell called it, and was not much for the Christian mythology / psychology texts after that. This one looks good, but I think I should start with “Lessons from Beta and Gamma”.