Long weekend. Four days melt together in my mind. Random images:

  • Up at 3.30 on Easter morning when Gamma’s alarm clock unexpectedly rings. Alpha catches it before it wakes Gamma. We stay up, hide eggs, baskets in back yard. Go back to sleep.

  • Gamma wakes us up at 7.20 Easter morning with report of finding baskets, eggs, presents.
  • Leaning against sink, drinking coffee, wondering where the night went, listen to conversation between Gamma and her mother. “I feel sorry for people without children on Easter,” Alpha says. “Yes, like Aunt X,” Gamma says. “I wonder what she’s doing? Sailing or playing golf?” “I’d guess playing golf,” Alpha says.
  • Drive Gamma and her friend to what I will call Gemstone World, a theme park devoted to a certain gem. Multi-media exhibit. Gift shoppe. Tour, including a look at the vein of the gemstone underground. Alpha asks guide, so, the jewelry in the shop is all made from gems dug here? No, he says, they would fall apart. Which explains the theme park: how else to earn money from worthless gems? I pay

5 responses to “4×24

  1. Jackson Pollack used to make a massive poo on the floor and then walk in it? Fascinating. I learn so much here.

  2. mig

    And don’t get me started on Robert Motherwell.

  3. D

    Hooray for more Jackson Pollack tortoise poo!

  4. j-a

    sounds like a lovely easter.

  5. Well, you know – if I had kids I wouldn’t have had this lovely experience on Sunday at 10 a.m.: The doorbell woke me up. Rang once, rang twice. Naaa, I thought, WHO IS THAT! I heard a voice and knew: Anna! My little sweetheart. 2,5 years old. Daughter of my neighbors, entrance 2. The 90 cm tall girl stood in front of my door, smiling all over her face and gave me an Easter egg and a piece of cake her mum made. What a nice morning. She raced through my flat, laughing and being cheerful. What a great morning.