Feral Living Archive

Just for the record, in case any historians are interested, finally got the old Feral Living Archives moved to this server. The archives date back to when I started it in 1868, making it the oldest blog in the world, to my knowledge.

Images didn’t survive the move, however, and I can’t be bothered to fix them.

3 responses to “Feral Living Archive

  1. well, this really is my kind of blog, aged or not. I like a bit of buddhism, cellism, parentism and a few turds too. lovely writing. you ARE a genius!
    by the way I only really know about carbon fibre bows and loads of people have them in glyndebourne, so no worries there! see you in salzburg then!

  2. deb

    Cool that you got them back. How much was the ransom???

  3. D

    So many happy memories…