Acceptance speech

Above all, this morning I would like to thank my subconscious for my eccentric homestay family, rural English intellectuals in a cluttered house, and the homestay father who painted himself yellow and blue each morning, in a different pattern daily, everything but his curly ginger hair; and for the beautiful moor outside the house, in autumn colors, pools of water reflecting the sky with a fine clarity; and for the gangs of geologists exploring the region on a large sailboat for National Geographic, taking tons of photographs and removing their shoes and piling them up, shoes which, viewed upside-down, made expressive faces that amused Gamma mightily when I pointed them out to her.

One response to “Acceptance speech

  1. bwah! that is such a much better acceptance speech than “i’d like to thank god and my mama!” it would be great if the people would take the stage at the grammys and say “my nose is a little crooked and i’m going to be okay with that from now on”. it’s all about acceptance.

    also, as dreams go, this is much better than diplomatic persecution, although we should probably get into the recurring themes of water in your dreams.