International Release Party for Little-Known Facts About Various Marine-Dwelling Animals

The book, Little-Known Facts About Various Marine-Dwelling Animals, is being released today. It is written by me and illustrated by Bran. I know some really critical people and they like both the texts and the illustrations.


You can read a little more about the book here. You can also order the book online from that page, and there is a flickr slide show of all the covers so far. There is some variety, and if you have any preferences you can let me know, but orders will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis so there is no guarantee you will get the exact book you want.

Only 50, give or take a couple, copies of this hand-bound first edition will be produced. So you might want to order soon.

There is a flickr set showing the covers etc here.

The book is 82 pages, unnumbered, and chock full of neat illustrations by Bran.

The price is €16, which is about $23.50 depending on exchange rates, and includes shipping and handling to anywhere in the world.

Any nice comments may be posted in the comments to this post. Any questions etc should probably be mailed to metamorphosist (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!


Can we all join hands and think positive thoughts?

You too, kids. Oh, hang on. Start without me. I have to go take care of something real quick.

(Loots Halloween candy stash)

K I’m back.

Positive thoughts, like, you go to yoga and your wallet doesn’t get stolen. (Poor Alpha)

You don’t yell at the dental hygienist on the phone, or at the skinhead bank director who whacks your car with his door in the parking lot, or at the lady who almost backs over you in the other parking lot. (Poor various people)

No sick kids.

No barfing cats.

No all stressed out about stuff.

No stomache ache.

Book release!! Woot!

There’s something to look forward to. This weekend, probably. I might buy some wasabi nuts, open the deluxe bottle of Jameson and have a release party with, well, the cats I guess. Alpha will be in Japan, Beta seems to be ill and Gamma doesn’t drink whiskey yet.


So November is upon us.

I drove into Vienna on All Saints to pick up my kid’s harp case from someone’s apartment and maybe I was depressed or tired, but the world seemed so gray and dead, this timeless cold, dusty deadness you get in Vienna on November afternoons.

I’m having a hell of a time shaking that feeling.

On the plus side, more than 20 books are bound and Gamma and I are taking a train trip out of town this coming weekend to visit some friends.

It’s snowing in Vienna this morning. It took longer than normal to get to work this morning because everyone on the freeway was seeing snow for the first time, apparently.

Yes. And good, old Nanowrimo. Can you hear the keyboards clicking the world over? Smell those pink Red Bull burps?

And who’s this guy, spinning his wheels here?


I haven’t written a word yet this month.

I haven’t a plot, nor a character nor an idea.

I’m chilling, because a month is way more than I need to write 50,000 words.

I’ve got books to bind, I’ve got cello to practice, I’ve got a yoga class to go to.

So much to do, and here I am spinning my wheels until they smoke.

The joke’s on you, though, because: I’m a dragster. I’m just spinning the wheels to get better traction when I take off.

I lied about not having an idea. I’m actually thinking about writing an opera this time. Involving fish or something. Seriously. How many romance novels are written in Nanowrimo every year, and how many operas? I was driving, and this opera said, Write me, Mig.

So there’s that. Plus, if it ends up shorter than 50,000 words, you can always say, Operas are supposed to be shorter.

Operas, seriously. Brilliant.