Can we all join hands and think positive thoughts?

You too, kids. Oh, hang on. Start without me. I have to go take care of something real quick.

(Loots Halloween candy stash)

K I’m back.

Positive thoughts, like, you go to yoga and your wallet doesn’t get stolen. (Poor Alpha)

You don’t yell at the dental hygienist on the phone, or at the skinhead bank director who whacks your car with his door in the parking lot, or at the lady who almost backs over you in the other parking lot. (Poor various people)

No sick kids.

No barfing cats.

No all stressed out about stuff.

No stomache ache.

Book release!! Woot!

There’s something to look forward to. This weekend, probably. I might buy some wasabi nuts, open the deluxe bottle of Jameson and have a release party with, well, the cats I guess. Alpha will be in Japan, Beta seems to be ill and Gamma doesn’t drink whiskey yet.

3 responses to “WTF

  1. Interesting post, Mig, but I think it needs a different name. Let’s see now … How about, “C’mon people now, Smile on your brother…” I’m sure everybody remembers the song by The Youngbloods.

    I hope Beta recovers quickly from her ailment.

  2. Bring it universe! Wait…um no, I like the positive thoughts and joining hands idea…much more constructive.

  3. Trish

    This is SO WEIRD. I was reading this blog post (Jann’s comment in particular) with the Dewey Cox story on tv in the background. I swear to God, that Youngbloods song just started playing out of the tv. The universe is in sync. Easy on the muscle relaxants kiddo.