my sister is visiting with her family so doctor mig is out for the next coupla weeks.
if anything beats little kids with jetlag, i don’t know what it is.

Quiet season

Everybody’s bitching about our cold, rainy summer here but I like it. I left my umbrella at home this morning and pocketed my sunglasses instead, not because I’m an optimist, but because doing that works well to jinx the weather into raining all day.

So far so good.

It’s not a summer this year, it’s some new season. A season of lounge music, which I only recently discovered, to my everlasting pleasure. Driving in the rain this morning, laid back music threading perfectly with the beat of the windshield wipers I thought about the deer who haven’t revealed themselves in months, preferring the deep woods this time of year. Thought about them and there two does were, grazing in a field by the freeway, nut brown in the rain.

Then a Portishead number came on the car stereo to top it off. And then, in town, the garbage truck in front of me turned off and got out of my way.

I like this new season, but it needs a name.


Many people write to me, asking me, Mig, they ask, I’m invited to a diplomatic reception, how should I behave?

Alpha and I were at such a reception recently, and I paid special-close attention this time to be able to pass on useful, tested advice rather than theoretical blather.

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The Bug: Fatherly Love

bug64-1.gif bug64-2.gif bug64-3.gif bug64-4.gif
Originally posted December 15, 2003. (Sorry about the re-runs lately, I’ve got several ideas for new strips, am just really busy battening down the hatches in preparation for an upcoming visit by relatives…)


Personally, I prefer whining but it wasn’t getting me anywhere and then I read this quote in a caption under a picture of Sir Karl Popper ["inventor of sex enhancer" joke goes here] where he says something about life being a process of problem-solving and that reminded me of something else he said, about how we learn through our mistakes and all that tipped me over the edge into the abyss of Trying Something New:

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