my sister is visiting with her family so doctor mig is out for the next coupla weeks.
if anything beats little kids with jetlag, i don’t know what it is.

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  1. paul

    “if anything beats little kids with jetlag, i don’t know what it is.” I think it’s their parents that beat the little kids with jet lag (just kidding, just kidding, no actual beating of kids is condoned or suggested, but it’s okay to imagine it from time to time… :-) )

  2. mig

    my sense of humor is in much better shape now that we all got a full night’s sleep last night

  3. mig

    i have a suggestion: find a tape of that episode of I Love Lucy where she’s working on the conveyor belt in the cake factory, and try to imagine Jackie Gleason instead of Lucy…

  4. Mig,
    check this out:
    ‘This land is Made for You and Me’

    This cartoon was created by brothers Gregg and Evan Spiridellis and have it on their web site jibjab.com.

    The song is done to the tune of Woodie Guthrie’s ballad “This land is your land.”

  5. j-a

    god. paul said exactly the same thing as what i was thinking.

  6. sue

    “if anything beats little kids with jetlag, i don’t know what it is.”

    Please, don’t say things like this. Not now…

  7. megchem

    I’m beginning to think that it is VERY wrong to take away the crack cold turkey….come back!

  8. mig

    back in town now, be right with you as soon as i delete these 2000 comment spam messages some twat left in my archives…

  9. MT Blacklist seems to work pretty well for that. Plus, I turn off the comments for old posts every week or so- it only takes a minute.

  10. mig

    Yeah, I use MT Blacklist, but this person went to town on me while I was away. 3000 comments in a single day. Such typing.

  11. mig

    That is a good idea with the closing old comments, though. I’ll do that from now on.

  12. miguel- Who are all of these people? Where have I been?

  13. D

    Despite my overwhelming desire to write something about a drunken Texan spamming your comments I just popped by to share this with you, which I think you’ll appreciate:


  14. anne

    let me know if you ever want Real Live Tips for getting kids over jet lag. because i, apparently, am A MASTER. seriously. it’s all in the wrists.

  15. anne

    i just changed to wordpress from movable type because of the spam. i got 1000 spams in one day and i felt quite affronted, but now you say you got 3000 and i’m feel like, “hey, where’s my spam love??”