The Bug: Fatherly Love

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Originally posted December 15, 2003. (Sorry about the re-runs lately, I’ve got several ideas for new strips, am just really busy battening down the hatches in preparation for an upcoming visit by relatives…)

2 responses to “The Bug: Fatherly Love

  1. Trnasfrom!

    There’s nothing worse than having to explain your jokes. (I don’t mean to get all meta this week, it just seems to be happening naturally, maybe this sort of introspective analysis is symbolic of something deeper and more… argh!) I’m…

  2. BKO

    Jsut Liek Mr. Rogres

    The Bug thinks you’re special too. (Sorry to miss a few weeks of pimpin’ The Bug, Mig, but I’ll catch up. At least they’re repeats…)…