A friend in Australia has requested permission to use the recordings some of you sent me in 2009 reading your shopping lists for a piece accompanying a university dance performance and I mailed them to her (all but one recording, from one of you who recently denied me permission to use something else, so don’t worry) with the caveat that I would post this to the blog today informing you and if any of you contact me letting me know that you prefer your recording not to be used that I would tell her and it would not be used. Otherwise, fire away. So let me know if you have any objections, thx.

Voice recording request

As previously mentioned a couple days ago, I need recordings of you reading your shopping list/shopping receipt for a composition I am working on.

The composition is for theremin, voice (spoken and soprano) and cash register.

I need voice recordings of people reading, say, the last ten or so things they have purchased, with or without prices. I.e., “milk, $2. oranges, $3″ or “automobile, €20,000″. Or whatever. “Shirt, stereo, earrings, kitten.”

Please mail to

Thanks in advance.

Hey, listen

I need your voice again, for another one of those compositions.

I promise to do a better job with the voice track this time.

Please mail me a recording ( of you reading your shopping list, okay? In your native language. The last time you went shopping. Groceries, or hardware, or seasonal holiday gift items, or whatever. It can be as long or as short as you want.

Thanks in advance!

Deadline, let’s say deadline sometime in January, okay?