I saw the most beautiful thing the other day. I was at the eye doctor because my eyes were up to no good. My right eye, especially, was offending me. The eye doctor had me put my chin on a thing with a pile of little tissues on it and my forehead against another thing with more tissues and she shone this light into my eyes, one at a time, and looked at whatever she looked at. While she was doing this, the light reflected around inside my eyeball in such a way that I could see the inside of my eye. Or the blood vessel system, rather. This dark brown/black network of blood vessels on a bright, light sepia background, growing finer and more branched as they moved from the outside towards the center, which I suppose was the pupil, where there were no more blood vessels.

When I had gotten out of bed that morning, the insides of my eyeballs had not been on my list of concerns. They came as a total surprise. Thanks, life.