Travel plans

Just booked flight/hotel for 3 days in Dublin in May with the (14 yo)  kid. Now I’m fraught with worry that I won’t be able to organize anything interesting for her.

Hang on, she’ll be 15 when we go.

What’s the drinking age in Ireland?

Anyone know any good piercing shops in Dublin?

3 responses to “Travel plans

  1. What’s the drinking age in Ireland?

    Old enough to hold a glass on their own, I believe.

  2. Maybe she can get a vampire tattoo. after that take her to trinity college and see the library.

  3. the bog man in the national museum is pretty awesome. google it. at least that’s what I think they call him. and i think that the museum is called the national museum.

    dublin is expensive. but here’s a trick. because of the bad economic situation, a lot of really high end and delicious food is available if you’re willing to eat early (5-7) and you take the set menu. we are talking, like, gordon ramsey places for 18 € pp.

    the musical pub tour i took was actually really fun and i enjoyed the music most thoroughly — not sure if there’s an age limit.

    the story of the irish harp is absolutely heart breaking.

    the guiness museum is good. i like guiness. i liked the museum. they have one of only 3 extant irish harps.

    marrion hotel is the best hotel i have every stayed in — but it’s expensive.

    too lazy to hit the shift key. i’m out of room in the box.