10 things about me

  1. My tailbone hurts from sitting in a loafing position all day.
  2. I am getting low on wiper fluid, which is bad, because there’s lots of salt on the roads right now, meaning that I have to ration it when I drive, the wiper fluid, squirting just enough at one time to clean a little spot on the windshield enough to see the road.
  3. I plan to get more wiper fluid when I fill my tank tonight.
  4. It turns out I am a cabbage-soup-diet recidivist. I swore never to do this again because glucose starvation made me so demented last time, yet here I am again, three kilos down for the time being. I’m doing okay, though. I was a wreck yesterday, but concentration and so on is better today.
  5. It was foggy on the part of my morning commute where I drive through the woods, and the trees were covered with frost.
  6. I can’t find my Bach cello suites CDs, which sucks because I am currently trying to learn part of a suite right now.  I suck at cello, by the way, but less than I thought I did, and less than I used to.
  7. Being a beggar, I cannot be a chooser.
  8. I’m really enjoying “The Rest is Noise.” It is a useful history of 20th-century music, because when I finish reading it, not only will I have a general idea of the current state of music, I will also be able to crack coconuts with a single blow. Here is a site that goes with the book.
  9. I am so hungry for bacon. My wife and I are going to a ball this weekend, and should be practicing our dance steps, which we seem to have forgotten (or, which I seem to have, at least) but so far we’ve been too knackered.
  10. Metamorphosism Valentine’s Day Limerick Contest 2010 starts next week. This year with even more arbitrary rules and biased judging!
  11. This might be the first time I’ve ever finished one of these lists.
  12. I could go on and on.

6 responses to “10 things about me

  1. Trish

    But that wouldn’t be ten. Thereby begging the question, have I completed something which is structurally misconceived? And if so, what is the point of that? And furthermore, have I even, thereby, completed one of these. And thereby, probably, it’s not (the first time). Or maybe it’s the first time you’ve completed a structurally misconcieved list? Should the limericks have structural misconceptions?

  2. gordon

    Is sleeping alone, possibly even outside with the hedgehogs and drunken mutant snails, a side-effect of the cabbage-soup diet?

  3. mig

    Astoundingly, no.

  4. gordon

    Slugs, not snails. Tortoises, not turtles. I seem to have trouble with the taxonomy of Austrian shelled organisms, vertebrate, invertebrate, or other.

  5. I can empathize with the tailbone thing. That happened to me while I was lounging on the couch most of the spring and summer waiting for my broken foot and then my ankle to get better. My foot and ankle are okay now, but both feet are half numb and “cardboardy.” Some people know what I mean when I say my feet feel like they have cardboard stuck on the bottom and between the toes and some people don’t.(Sort of a frostbite feeling). Strange.

  6. mig

    I didn’t even notice the snail/slug thing, Gordon. It’s the same word in German, Schnecke. Well, slug is Nacktschnecke. Naked snail.