There’s a mermaid

There’s a mermaid in the river down by the chemical plant. They said she’s black and white but it’s the Sixties so who knows? I’m going there tomorrow with a lunch box of sardines and a baseball bat. There’s a spare tub in the basement where she can stay. If only she gets to know me I’m sure she’ll like me. Do you like salt water or is tap okay do you like sardines the smelt run isn’t for a couple months. I’ve got a ukulele we can sing all afternoon when I get home from school I know you like to sing it’s what everyone says. If you only get to know me, I’m sure you’ll like me.

Who knew that you could die of grief? It only made me quiet and unpopular. Who knew death was an option, down there in my twilight tub? Dead mermaids are so heavy limp and floppy. Should I feed her to the cats they’re scratching on the door like they want in. They said she’s black and white but that’s just the newsreel footage she’s as blue as you or I. If you’d only get to know me.

3 responses to “There’s a mermaid

  1. Oh, dear me! I daresay the thought of a floppy, dead mermaid in somebody’s basement offends my delicate sensibilities!

  2. Wow Mig. A perennial joy this blog of yours.

  3. pam

    This is really weird and kind of creepy and also, totally wonderful. Plus, hello, ukulele!

    I am still reading your blog every single time you post something. Not that it matters really, I’m just one weird little reader, but hey, I thought you might like to know.