At last

It explains George W. Bush, global warming, mullets, the war in Iraq, the bailouts, the war on drugs, and everything else, including the comments here.

Finally, the universal explanation for everything.

Everything except why my back goes out the weekend we have to haul 2 sofas home, and two more to the dump.

One response to “At last

  1. This explains it. I took the GRE’s in 1987 at the advanced age of forty-mumble, and did really, really well. And this was as a virtual walk-in who hadn’t been in a classroom for over 10 years. However, all these standardized tests give the people who do the best the top score, and then scale down from there. In other words, I was taking the test with people who where near the bottom of that inverted bell curve. If I had taken the test in my early twenties, I probably wouldn’t have done nearly as well.

    Damn, I guess I wasn’t really as smart as I thought I was. Of course, that explains my rapid decline in mental acuity as I have aged. *sigh*