Get with it, Monsanto

If kittens smelled like bacon, they’d be perfect.

8 responses to “Get with it, Monsanto

  1. Bacon is one of my favorite foods, but it smells greasy to me; I would not want a greasy smelling thing cuddling up to me. No, kittens should smell like fresh air after a rainfall in the Spring…

  2. mig

    bacon, and coffee. breakfast kittens.

  3. joeri

    You can always tie some bacon to the kittens. Or buy one of these:

  4. Okay, the pig bacon alarm thingie is just kinda creepy…. if I rolled over at night and sorta halfway opened my eyes and happened to see that thing staring at me in the dark, it would probably scare me. Also it seems like a fire hazard. I would tie bacon to kittens, but I think they’d just eat it. Because really, where can you tie something on a cat’s body where they can’t get to it?

    How about bacon-scented kitty perfume?

  5. mig

    i think my cats would spend the night trying to get into the bacon alarm clock.

  6. Cats can’t get to things on the backs of their necks, which is why flea poison (imidacloprid) in put in that spot, but I don’t know how you would affix the bacon securely.

  7. mig

    A collar of some kind, I suppose.

  8. zeynep

    They are already selling bacon scented oil

    and bacon scented air freshener for your car

    Maybe you can tie on eof these air fresheners to the kitties…