Can we all join hands and think positive thoughts?

You too, kids. Oh, hang on. Start without me. I have to go take care of something real quick.

(Loots Halloween candy stash)

K I’m back.

Positive thoughts, like, you go to yoga and your wallet doesn’t get stolen. (Poor Alpha)

You don’t yell at the dental hygienist on the phone, or at the skinhead bank director who whacks your car with his door in the parking lot, or at the lady who almost backs over you in the other parking lot. (Poor various people)

No sick kids.

No barfing cats.

No all stressed out about stuff.

No stomache ache.

Book release!! Woot!

There’s something to look forward to. This weekend, probably. I might buy some wasabi nuts, open the deluxe bottle of Jameson and have a release party with, well, the cats I guess. Alpha will be in Japan, Beta seems to be ill and Gamma doesn’t drink whiskey yet.

Book update

Since some people were asking:

  • The book (Little-Known Facts) is back from the printer
  • I am currently binding it by hand
  • Bookbinding is a lot more work than I expected (the red thread never wants to go through the needle, the other colors are okay)
  • But also fun
  • I am working on a site (page) where you can order and pay online, using Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards, I think
  • This also requires me to set a price, and decide how to handle postage
  • Despite my tendency towards unnecessary complication (every one of the books has a different cover (I will be posting pictures soon)), I’d like to do this latter as simply as possible.
  • Some of the covers, so far, are made of Japanese paper. Some are made from handmade watercolor paper. Some of the latter are colored by me. Some are embossed with a fish. Some have an imitation gold-leaf fish on them. One has a genuine gold-leaf fish, and paw prints.
  • Last night I carved a squid mold from some linoleum to emboss some with a giant squid. Gamma thought it looked cool. Alpha likes the fish better (she also thinks I’m overdoing this). Something for everyone.
  • More soon. I hope to have the order page online by the start of next week.

Little-known facts: the book

In time for holiday shoppers, I am planning to make a book of around 2 dozen “Little-known facts” pieces previously published on this weblog. It will be professionally printed on off-white paper and hand-bound by me in the traditional Japanese stab binding style. I’m running to the art supply store this Friday to look for some nice paper for the covers. The format will be roughly 8″ square, and if the current layout is maintained it will be around 50-60 pages long, with illustrations.

I may also include a bonus surprise in each book, but not sure about that yet.

I would charge around ten Euro per book, which is about 14 U.S. dollars at current rates of exchange, plus postage. Payment would probably have to be via Paypal, unless someone trusts me with cash or has a better idea.
I have a figure in my mind, a certain number of books I would produce. They would be numbered individually. What I would like to know from you is if my number is high or low. How many of you would be interested in buying how many copies of this book?