And then I found ten dollars…

Technical question:

Had WIFI problems so my provider sent me a new, improved modem. I installed it. The connection via ethernet cable works fine, using it right now on the PC. The WIFI says it’s fine, but I can’t get online with my macbook. Sometimes it claims to have a connection, one time I even got a page to load, but lost the connection soon thereafter. Usually, I get a connection timeout while it’s trying to log in.

Checking various forums, I noticed many mac owners have problems where macbooks which had worked fine suddenly can’t get online although they think they can.

So I don’t know if this is a problem with my new modem or with my old macbook.

Neither did the service line guy I just talked to. He suggested resetting the modem and reinstalling it, or having a technician come out (€€€) or calling the non-free helpline.

One of which I will do, but before I do, I wanted to ask you guys for any input or suggestions you may have here so I sound like less of a dork the next time I call one of these people. Is there anything I can do, for example, with my macbook to improve my chances of getting a connection or finding out what the problem is?

Anything else I ought to be looking into?

Thanks in advance.