On whisk(e)y in Austria, part one of one, or possibly two.

It’s sunny out, the first sunny day after many rainy ones – unpredictable days of strong rain. And it’s a holiday. So I’m inside blogging and Gamma is upstairs trying to get Sims to install on her laptop. We did have lunch outside with my wife and her father. And Gamma and I did drive into town for ice cream. So we have not been like locked up all day or anything.

And I did go hiking with a friend this weekend. Actually we visited a couple distilleries, and hiked a little to kill some time. Although it was a rainy weekend in most parts of the country, we were very fortunate that the little spot we visited had some very nice weather. Saturday evening we sat around in a small distillery and tasted the products, while our friendly and generous host, the distiller, explained the technolgy behind it, and his philosophy of distilling and life in general.

We purchased several of his products when we left. He makes a good rye whisky and some nice single malt (I bought a bottle of his vat-strength) and several different fruit schnapps, including huckleberry (very subtle), raspberry, and pear. I would like to write a more detailed account of our trip, and still may, if I find the time. But probably not. We’ll see.

And my friend even gave me a ukulele lesson. It was a very nice way to spend a weekend.

Not only that, but the flowers I ordered for my wife came on time for our anniversary on Sunday, so she was in a good mood when I got home.

And yesterday we saw a big rainbow.