I liked what you were saying about the scientist disproving the theory, only he happened to be the theory

Also, good job finding the plug like that, said the first one.

The second one shrugged. Just for the sheer joy of being able to shrug again.

A non-Euclidean plug, said the second.

Okay, anyway, said the first.

Did you used to think Chicken Marsala was an Indian dish, too, said the second one.

Until about two seconds ago, in fact, said the first one.

What was that noise, said the first one after a minute.

Which noise, the one like streaming music on a slow connection, said the second. Or the high-pitched whine?

The pew-pew-pew noises like bullets just missing you, said the first one.

Where’s my newspaper, said the first one. I had it in my belt before the unfortunate incident.

Something better happen soon, said the first one.

Oh, something will, said the second. Just not what you think.